Venice is usually associated with the carnival. Meanwhile, every year the third Sunday of July is held a spectacular Festa de Redentore. This is the only opportunity to see Venice illuminated by thousands of fireworks. I was fortunate to combine Venice with relax in Bibione, which is just 90 km from Venice. Why there, you can learn from this text. I invite you on vacation in the Italian style.


The best boat parties only during the Redentore

But before I tell you how nice you can spend time in Bibione, a few words about the Festa del Redentore, in which I had pleasure to participate in this year. During the Redentore so-called Feast of the Most Holy Redeemer Venetians celebrate a victory over the plague which killed 50,000 people in Venice in the years 1575 – 1577. On this occasion is built a temporary bridge of barges  that connects the church Redentore on the island of Giudecca (built as an expression of gratitude) with the waterfront near the Piazza San Marco. That way runs on Sunday procession for the  thanksgiving mass. Long time ago I have seen such crowds and all people walking up the line one after another. On Saturday people party on boats and at 23:30 beautiful half-hour fireworks let off. During the day there are numerous cultural events like concerts and regattas. In a word, it is worth to take part in it. I participate in the event for about 80 people on four boats combined. We had fun, because people were from different countries.


Perfect chillout after Venice only in Bibione

After a weekend full of excitement you can relax on the beach in Lido, but I personally recommend going to the resort Bibione. Bibione is located directly on the Adriatic Sea in the Veneto region and close to Venice. We can get there driving an hour via highway or about 1 hour and a half by train from Santa Lucia Station. In contrast, for example, from Warsaw via highways it is 1250 km.


In fact, it is a nice place to spend time for a person that likes entertainment, because there are many attractions and anyone looking for peace. Besides sandy beach (it has a blue flag) in Bibione you can find ideal for walking long promenade, famous thermal center Thermae and numerous restaurants, bars and discos. Who would have thought that once there were marshes? Unfortunately, some hotels offer private beaches. Free of charge beaches so-called spiaggia libera are located mainly in and around the district of Bibione Pineda and in the eastern part of the island.


Bibione as great place for families & adventure

You can also connect your stay with a further visiting of Italy, eg. going to Padua (1.5 hours by car and 2 hours by train), Trieste (1.20 h by car and 2 h by train), Verona (2 h by car and 3 h by train). It’s also a good place for an Italian vacation with the kids, with whom you can go for a bike ride along the coast or to the largest water park in Italy, Aqualandia in Lido (about 60 km). Near Bibione there is also a smaller water park in Lignano Aquasplas (13 minutes by car, 30 minutes by train from the city center).


I love personally the nature so I recommend you visiting the pine forests in the natural parks Bibione Pineda and de Val Grande (near the center). This area of the lagoon between the mouths of the rivers Livenza and Tagliamento is one of the most valuable areas of nature conservation in Veneto. Besides meeting the rare species of fish and birds you can see the beautiful panorama of the Alps. You can also take the tour boat.

As for accommodation, I admit that I do not have too much discernment, but very good recommendations  has for example Apart Hotel Pineda and is also not too expensive. It is relatively close to both the beach and the thermal center.


Check out aparthotel website. You can also follow the news about apart-hotel and Bibione on their Google+ page. Maybe some of you had pleasure to stay there and would like to share opinions?



How do you like my idea of an Italian vacation? Would you like to learn more about this region of Italy and Bibione? Let me know in the comments.


  1. Marta says:

    Byłam kiedyś z Bibione z rodzicami jako dziecko. Bardzo fajna miejscówa i stosunkowo łatwo jest dojechać z Polski 🙂

  2. Tomek says:

    Wygląda fajnie. Mam w planie jechać z dziewczyną do Wenecji, ale później fajnie by było skoczyć na jakąś plażę. Jak jest tam z pociągami? jak często jeżdżą i czy bilety są drogie?

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