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There used to be 3 female travellers, 3 freaks, 3 generations, 3 characters and now there are 2…

Embark a time machine with us to go on a journey through almost 50 countries on 4 continents.

Welcome to our blog Curly Trips, that is Mother and Daughter’s common project. If you are here it means that, like us, you love travelling and together with us you want to discover the world of the past and present.

Travelling broadens the mind and there’s no doubt about it. But it’s not the most important thing. Beautiful views, amazing adventures, unforgettable memories are all great but it’s the people you meet on your way that are the most important. Isn’t the Internet brilliant? Thanks to it I can stay in touch with the people who saved me out of trouble more than once. As my Mum says – I’ve got more luck than wisdom.

My Mum is sometimes jealous of it as in her times only letters were written or fax sent, so in the long term it wasn’t that easy to keep in touch as it is today. Anyway, I remember it very well myself, namely, postcards, pay phones or mobile phones without WiFi. That’s why all our memories, although not recorded on a camera film, are priceless. While traversing the world we were both lucky to meet wonderful people and experience curly adventures thanks to them. It’s thanks to them that we now share so many common topics for conversations.

Thanks to good people we see the beauty of this world and appreciate how beautiful life is, even though our faith wasn’t too kind for us. Because the world is beautiful, isn’t it? Sometimes happiness, sometimes sadness, sometimes laughter, sometimes tears but thanks to all that we are able to discover all colours of life. The myth that money is necessary in order to explore the world has been already nailed by more than one blogger. It is all perfectly familiar for Ewa, namely my Mother, who started her adventure with travelling as a 19-year-old who earned money for her studies working as a tour guide. However, it only drives my curiosity. I went on my first journey as a 3-year-old, only to Wroclaw as a matter of fact, but it’s better than nothing. The flavor of orange hard candies stays with me until today.

Each of us was in a different part of the world, covered kilometers in a different way and had different adventures and financial resources. We both didn’t work and had to save money giving up on other things. When I look at it now from the perspective of time, I think to myself that we both are the same freaks. What’s funny, one tries to hide it from the other in a different way. I know one thing. I can’t be more thankful to my mother for the fact that she opened the world for me. I wouldn’t be the same person but for her and travelling.  In this whole madness we can’t forget the third freak, my Grandma- a true lady who was able to sell her family house and leave into the unknown in just one day. That’s nothing, you’ll find out about it later. Grandma was just awesome and like nobody else she encouraged me to visit other countries proudly hiding another postcard in her cupboard. Yes, because I still do it. She like nobody else believed that one should do what one loves in life instead of worrying about others and most of all one shouldn’t fear. We’ve got only one life and each of us exists in this world for some purpose.

Although I’ve been travelling since I could only remember, and my Mother for even longer, the idea to start my own blog took me a very long time. Neither my friends’ encouragement nor a growing number of travelling blogs worked. I got blocked for a very long time by fear which developed in my head after an accident which almost cost me my life, then there came numerous illnesses of my Mother’s and mine, and finally my Grandma’s death. Moreover, I never made any notes as I was more focused on travelling itself. Anyway, the most important things will be written in our heart.

This year, however, I decided to give it  try. I talked my Mother into it as well because I want it to be our common place where we write about our journeys from two time perspectives – the past and the present. Life is a journey and a journey is an adventure. Our life has never been easy so our journeys also had to be curly. How much curly we were and are is written in this blog from the perspective of 2 generations and 2 worlds- a contemporary one and the one behind the iron curtain. At the same time we try to pass some practical knowledge. We hope you’ll get to like it and help us co-write it. We cordially invite you to take a look at the world with us from a slightly different side and to share your experience and knowledge.

Greetings from 2 freaks,

namely Daughter with Mother or Mother with Daughter 🙂

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A graduate student of the Warsaw University & the University of Southern Denmark, courageous princess with allergy, an only child struggling with loneliness and insecurities since her childhood, a dreamer, an incurable optimist, a lonely traveler and an organizer of group expeditions to 4 continents who has been in love with flying since she was 3 years old and had pleasure to live in Spain & Denmark.

Since her early childhood she has been trying to get to know the world by herself or in a group. What motivates her is the beauty of the world, wilderness of the nature and the possibility of meeting wonderful people who rescued her out of trouble more than once. She learns from her own mistakes every day although she tries to listen to her parents but her rebellious nature and curiosity prevent her from it. Owing to the fact that she has more luck than wisdom in her life, her every adventure finishes with a happy end.



Mother of a curly daughter, a graduate student of political science & Russian philology, a demon for work, a woman with a great heart and with a past, a favorite history teacher, a political scientist, a traveler since 19 year of age who traveled the world from Berlin to Arctic Circle

Travelling behind the Iron Curtain wasn’t only an adventure for her but a way to support herself and get money for her studies. As a history teacher and a social studies teacher, she has been instilling the willingness to gain the knowledge about the world in young people for 30 years. The strength she developed thanks to travelling helped her overcome numerous illnesses and prove that your power does not lie in your muscles but in your head.


This blog is our place for memories and for exchanging cross-generational experience. It’s also the place from which we want to encourage to, the so called, slow travel and to wise travelling by exploring the world deeply and not quickly. Our travelling isn’t just about doing points on a map but an attempt to understand the world through the people encountered and the places visited. Travelling for us is also a school of life and of coping in different situations. So, what are you waiting for?

Our life philosophy:

Journey is a secret garden full of mazes, not just a hurdle race.


Creating this blog, we wanted, first of all, to share our memories, experience and meet wonderful people. Please write to us as life is too short to wonder:

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