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A graduate student of the Warsaw University & the University of Southern Denmark, courageous princess with allergy, an only child struggling with loneliness and insecurities since her childhood, a dreamer, an incurable optimist, a lonely traveller and an organiser of group expeditions to 4 continents who has been in love with flying since she was 3 years old and was living in Spain & Denmark

Since her early childhood she has been trying to get to know the world by herself or in a group. What motivates her is the beauty of the world, wilderness of the nature and the possibility of meeting wonderful people who rescued her out of trouble more than once. She learns from her own mistakes every day although she tries to listen to her parents but her rebellious nature and curiosity prevent her from it. Owing to the fact that she has more luck than wisdom in her life, her every adventure finishes with a happy end.



Mother of a curly daughter, a graduate student of political science & Russian philology , a demon for work, a woman with a great heart and with a past, a favorite history teacher, a political scientist, a traveler since 19 year of age who traveled the world from Berlin to Arctic Circle

Travelling behind the Iron Curtain wasn’t only an adventure for her but a way to support herself and get money for her studies. As a history teacher and a social studies teacher, she has been instilling the willingness to gain the knowledge about the world in young people for 30 years. The strength she developed thanks to travelling helped her overcome numerous illnesses and prove that your power does not lie in your muscles but in your head.


This blog is our place for memories and for exchanging cross-generational experience. It’s also the place from which we want to encourage to, the so called, slow travel and to wise travelling by exploring the world deeply and not quickly. Our travelling isn’t just about doing points on a map but an attempt to understand the world through the people encountered and the places visited. Travelling for us is also a school of life and of coping in different situations. So, what are you waiting for?

Our life philosophy:

Journey is a secret garden full of mazes, not just a hurdle race.

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