This is the forth and last part of my weekly cruise to Croatia and story why i felt in love with Croatia for the second time. Here you will read about historic and beautiful cities Trogir and Sibernik and later about beauty of Primošten. What to visit, I described in  few posts, dividing the text into four parts. In part 3 I write about the archipelago of Kornati National Park Krka and the town of Skradin. Post 2 is about Prvic Luka and Sali. While trailer 1 about  romantic Zadar.  Have a nice reading.


With a slight delay we set off towards the town of Šibenik which surrounds the bay, which forms the mouth of the river Krka to the Adriatic. For starters, we went shopping at the bazaar, located to the right of the port in the upper part of the city. There you can buy eg. fresh meat on the grill and fruits. Due to the fact that we got up late, we had been on tour less than two hours. This is definitely not enough for such a historic city. Already the panorama of Šibenik port delights.




At first glance, the city is bustling with culture. At the turn of June and July held here every year for 50 years is the world’s only International Children’s Festival (Međunarodni Dječji Festival). Children’s drawings can be found at every step, wandering the narrow, but charming streets of the old town.

 Festiwal Dzieci (Međunarodni Dječji Festival)

The most famous monument, which is located near the promenade, is a stone Cathedral of St. James, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.


Wandering farther up the town and past a statue of Juraj Dalmatinac and the signs we reached the small but beautiful garden at the monastery of St. Lawrence. Nearby is a small restaurant-cafe.

Juraj Dalmatinac

Then we headed to our main stop, that is the fortress of St. Michael. Unfortunately, due to time constraint (Christopher threatened to sail away without us) we could not visit. Courtesy of the guard we managed to free access for 15 minutes to take a souvenir photo and admire the beautiful panorama of the city.



On the way back, going down winding streets, we still saw City Hall (Gradska loggia) in Šibenik and the Church of St. Barbara.



After 2 hours exploring the city we quickly set off towards the town of Trogir. In the distance, I see St. Nicholas located at the entrance to the isthmus leading to Šibenik.

Although we waited about six hours, swimming time passed quickly. In the middle of the tour we were able to feast on delicacies Croatian cuisine prepared by Christopher on an electric grill. My heart was stolen mainly by ćevapčići which is minced meat fingers, lightly spicy pasta vegetable Ajvar (mainly from aubergines and sweet peppers) and chicken in mustard sauce.


For the evening we reached the town of Trogir, which to my surprise has the airport. The city is impressive. From the port it is connected to the bridge.


I have to admit that the medieval old town of Trogir is the prettiest we saw during our entire trip on the Adriatic. No wonder it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its charm is best seen in the evening when the lights reflected on the water surface. At the port in the form of a wide boulevard with palm trees are concentrated in restaurants and cafes.


In the second part of the port located behind the old town lively night life in clubs and bars. Among the narrow and picturesque streets of the old town of Trogir there are many historical monuments. You just have to pass the Gate of See . Among the most interesting to be seen are: the Cathedral of St. Lawrence (Sv. Lovre), Gate of land (Kopnena vrata) with the lion of St. Mark and the statue of the Blessed. John of Trogir (the patron saint of the city), Stafileo Palace (Palača Stafileo) with Venetian windows and a Renaissance palace Ćipiko (Palača Ćipiko).



To feel the atmosphere of the city, you should sit on to drink orange juice in one of the cafes on the square, where the city Loggia with characteristic figures of lions and the clock tower is.


At the end of the promenade it is visible from the bridge fortress Kamerlengo. It is worth to climb it (ticket 10 KN), to see the nocturnal skyline overlooking the marina. This is one of the images, which fell in my memory the most.


39. Trogir by night 2



Another is the view of a yacht worth over 5 million euros, in which we were able to enjoy a few drinks at the kindness of the Polish owner from city Gdansk.


A crazy crew from Tri-talked us out to a club Monaco, which was one of the worst music experiences in my life. With all due respect for the Croatian folklore, but it could not be at the dance. Instead of club music all night we were heard Croatian hits, and in the background we could hear the howling of the Croatians. There was no brouhaha. People looked happy and funny dancing, but still the atmosphere was a bit like a wake. Definitely not what I expected after the Croatian clubbing. Anyway, it was an interesting experience and from what I know, that day (Wednesday) we were just unlucky. The real nightlife begins to bloom only on Thursday. Despite this, we went to sleep after 4 admit that I really became for the company, because I did not want to leave the club with my friend alone. In practice, this meant that the next day there is no question of getting up early in search of mussels.


Christopher probably foresaw our incapacitation and alone at 6 in the morning went to the market. Thanks for that we could eat for a lunch delicious mussels in a sauce of their own interpretation of Christopher. As for me, it was just heaven in my mouth. The taste of fresh mussels is not to be reproduced, even in the best restaurants in Warsaw.


After a few hours we reached the town of Primošten, where we had planned the night. The port is located on a peninsula at the old town. It is visible just left of the deck. You can see in it a typical Croatian architecture.


At the entrance there are numerous stalls with local products. One of the interesting liquors are the original glass packaging. By selecting different flavors, we can compose a set consisting of 3 bottles. In my opinion, a great souvenir (price approx. 90 KN).


It is worth noting that Primošten is famous for its vineyards. After passing a small old town we climbed up the hill, where it is accompanied by the cemetery church from 1485 years. It extends from there a beautiful view of the sea and surroundings.


On the outer side of the breakwater is a tiny beach with sand.


Moving on the coast, we passed more and more beautiful rocky coves adapted to the beaches.



One of them Mala Raduca is reportedly one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in Croatia. It is here that we decided to watch the sunset.




In the morning we had our delicious as usual breakfast, we headed for the port Sukosan. Along the way, we made a few stops for swimming, so we got to the port in the evening.


In the morning it was waiting for us, the packing and cleaning of the yacht. According to what has been agreed with Christopher, at 9 we should come down from the deck. In practice, so we almost did as Krzysztof allowed us to have breakfast. He was also nice enough that gathered from all orders for souvenir shopping type of wine, olive oil or ajvar and went after failing to town. He does not even know how much he helped us, because we were all so exhausted by huge blow hot and stuffy (over 30 degrees) temperature, that anyone did not want to go to Zadar. As the type of nomads laid up in a port under the roof on the towels and counted an hour to the match (Poland vs. Switzerland).

When we were there was it was right time to  go as recommended by Christopher restaurant Joso (Dr. Franje Tuman 117, Sukosan), which was located some 128 m behind the entrance gates to the port so super close. Place surprised us not only with their hospitality, because we had our own TV and a big table for exclusivity, but also food. First of all, I recommend seafood and pizza from the oven. The food is not only delicious, but also at a decent price (spaghetti with seafood 65 KN, 1 liter water 20 KN).


Happy and proud of our team we went to pack. Before me was a 12 hours drive to Lodz and then change to a train to Warsaw. The journey passed extremely quickly thanks to the beloved association in the form of Anna and Christopher, with whom I’ve gone through the long distance carpooling service BlaBla. Sometimes it was a true windy terror, because almost all the way through it was raining and there was a storm. To this day, I’m impressed that Chris by himself with severe weather conditions and at night, drove more than 1,800 km (departed that day from Albania). Good humor did not leave him for a moment and he was even kind enough to drop me off at the station. Just champion of the champions. I hope that soon we meet for coffee in Lodz.


And how did you like my cruise? Would you go for a similar trip? I hope that my text has convinced you to visit Croatia from the deck of the yacht. If you would like to know more and are looking for tips let me know. We are happy to advise you. And if you would like to know about our first day in Zadar go here. About Sali and Prvic Luka you can check here. About Kornati, Krka and Skradin look here. On the blog you will find full reportage from our week’s cruise in Croatia divided in four parts.


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