About this how was my weekly cruise to Croatia and what to visit, I described in  few posts, dividing the text into four parts. Here you will read part. 3, in which I write about the archipelago of Kornati National Park Krka and the town of Skradin. Post 4 will be devoted to the cities of Sibenik (Sibenik), Trogir and Primošten. If you want to know what I was visit in the first day of the cruise and how impressed me Zadar, you are welcome  click here. And if you would like to know better cities Sali and Prvić Luka go here. Have a nice reading.


Today, our goal was the archipelago of Kornati National Park. We sailed for  about 2 hours, passing various islands. I have to admit that it was for me one of the most beautiful moments during the voyage. Views of rugged cliffs, rocky ridges and the different formations in the land of a thousand islands is breathtaking. The islands are mostly uninhabited, so that kept their wild and natural character. We sailed in silence bathed in the blue of the sea and the sun.


37. Archipelag Kornati

37. Archipelag Kornati

Around 11 we reached the port of Skradin where we took the ferry to the Krka waterfalls (normal – 110 KN, reduced – 80 KN). It flows about 20 minutes. In fact, almost at the entrance you will see a shockingly beautiful complex of waterfalls of Krka, where you can glow with a refreshing swim at the foot of the waterfall. The experience is amazing, even though the water is freezing. The stones at the waterfall are very slippery and sharp so you might want to stock up before the swimming shoes. Visiting the park at a normal pace, without haste will take about 3 hours. The complex consists of 16 picturesque waterfall bottlenecks. Instead of telling you about the park, I’ll show you pictures that speak for themselves.


37. wodospady Krka

37. wodospady Krka

37. wodospady Krka


37. wodospady Krka

37. wodospady Krka

After waterfalls and a quick shower, we went to town. Skradin is a charming town that can steal hearts at the first corner. I got the impression that time has stopped here.


Typical Mediterranean buildings interspersed with medieval urban architecture. At every step there are small narrow streets. Each seems to hide another secret. You could walk for hours, but we had yet to prepare for dinner.




This time we went to the restaurant Toni (Dr. F. Tuman 46, Skradin) to watch the match Poland vs. Ukraine. The emotions that accompanied the TV tuning and finding the channel showing the broadcast of the match reached its zenith. In the end, we could take care of the food, which long ago was on the table. Tasting the delicious lamb in wine sauce made in a giant oven, accompanied by a salad. Behind the great plate of lamb (980 KN), salad, wine, beer and water for 9 people we paid 1,315 KN. Apparently they also serve delicious food restaurant Bonaca, which lead to the winding staircase behind the Officina building.

37. restauracj Toni jagniecina

After the win over the place of our celebration was a bar Konoba Mates (overlooking the harbor) run by the so-called. grandmother Anka. It has been around for more than 50 years. There we could taste the local wines, including liqueurs based rakia (šljivovica) flavored zizuli, figs, breadfruit (ie. a deer), walnut (orahovica) and pears (viljamovka) or honey (medovina). It is worth trying the local wine Prosek, which provides its extraordinary sweetness of the frozen grapes. In a similar manner they produce equally delicious Rhenish wines. In good spirits we did have a little walk around the harbor and went to sleep. Tommorow another adventure and more beautiful cities like Šibenik and Trogir.  Text about it will be soon.

bar Konoba Mates

bar Konoba Mates

How you like our cruise in Croatia? Is the information useful? Let us know in comments. Our next destinations were Šibenik, Trogir and Primošten. You want to know how it was and what we saw? Read us. And if you would like to know about our first day in Zadar go here. About Sali and Prvic Luka you can check here. On the blog you will find full reportage from our week’s cruise in Croatia divided in four parts. Do you have more qestions? Let us know in comments.


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