There are places in the world, which are worth coming back and discovering anew. Once I wouldn’t have thought that such a place could be Croatia. After the first day of the cruise I have no doubt. It’s great to feel mint to Croatia again despite the passage of 12 years. If anyone of you have already been to Croatia, you should go back, rent a yacht for a week and fall in love with Croatia a second time. Croatia from the perspective of the sea will allow you to discover it again and feel the sailing atmosphere of the country.

About this how was my weekly cruise to Croatia and what to visit, I described in  few posts, dividing the text into four parts. Here you will read part. 2, in which I write about cities Sali and Prvić Luka. While the part 3 will be on the archipelago of Kornati National Park Krka and the town of Skradin. Post 4 will be devoted to the cities of Sibenik (Sibenik), Trogir and Primošten. If you want to know what I was visit in the first day of the cruise and how impressed me Zadar, you are welcome  click here. Have a nice reading.


After a refreshing shower in a beautiful and modern marina in Dalmatia at Sukosan port we had to quickly eat breakfast to start our journey. I recommend especially the bathroom with a pedestal 21. There you can experience the unusual bath right in nature. See for yourself what I mean. For sure you will want to have this bathroom in the house.

Our skipper would not be himself if he did not do us little training. In particular, he showed men pulling anchored on the sea bottom rope called mooring. In the Croatian ports performed functions similar to the anchor and basically it is a standard for docking in most of Croatian ports.


In the end, we sailed to the open sea. After a few hours we made a short stop to swim in the sea. As per my standards I cannot say that the water was warm, but it would be a sin not plunge into the azure sea. After a few minutes it was gorgeous. Water fantastically refreshed. Men with masks admired the rocky bottom of the Croatian sea, which is not a secret concealed. There were plates, tires, and even a chair. The bottom also inhabit countless clusters of naked snails without shell. At first glance, they look like huge dark socks strewn on the sand. Here and there you can also preview a fish or two.



Around 18 we arrived in the charming village of Sali on the island of Dugi Otok. This is the first on our list of fishing villages that has gained our sympathy immediately after receipt of the port.


We took a quick shower (green door next to the bar Maritimo) and headed for the city. We went around the port, and then headed upstairs for tourist information, and then bouncing right at the next steps we came to a small cove that was informal and adopted by the inhabitants of the beaches, and more stone platforms with stairs to the sea where you can, among others, perform at Liani jump into the water.


Celebrating the coast around us, we enjoyed the beautiful horizons and numerous small stone coves. There are plenty of places to make beautiful and romantic outdoor shots. The further you go the sculpture of the coast is more interesting. In this way, we not even looked as walked around town, and again we were in the harbor. Unfortunately, the evening weather began to deteriorate significantly, so we had to quickly wrap on board. At night we waited the meeting of the storm, which also produced a cloudy and windy morning.





Early morning wake up to see a huge downpour and storm. The rain decreased, but still windy and the sky was full of dark storm clouds that looked pretty threatening. For a moment passing through my mind was that maybe we will stay in the port because of the outflow of such newcomers as we are on the open sea and it is dangerous. Also comments from Croats were not encouraging. We were basically the only boat, which planned to put out. I looked at Christopher, but he looked as usual laid-back. I think he was the only one of us that had any doubt.


Clouds, rain and wind accompanied us even longer, but they all turned in good fun. Once it at the next wave we jumped euphorically when the wave smashed the break. The face felt the sea breeze. Moments of terror and uncertainty passed, and the sky is getting lighter. Unfortunately, some of us began to get seasickness, so on board a deathly silence came. I did not even watch when the sun came out and the rain turned into stinging skin sunlight. In the glow of the sun we sailed to the port of Prvić Luka, which captivated me even more than the Sali.



In fact, it was only time for a quick shower, because at 18 we had to be in a place where I ate the best octopus in my life from the peki (hobotnica ispod peke). I admit that I did it feel like the day when Christopher showed it to me in the picture and explained how it is prepared. Octopus is fully baked in the company of potatoes in clay large pot in a special oven. In this way it brings out the natural taste and flavor of octopus, and has the guarantee that the meat won’t be rubbery. Immediately after removing it from the oven it was cut and put on the table. That’s why it was so important, we arrived on time. Otherwise, it would have lost the taste.


Octopus personally prepares for us alone Zvonko Krupa, who was a well-known operator and former husband of world-renowned make-up artist and make-up artist Maria Ewa Dziewulska. It was an extraordinary pleasure to hear the story of their love, community life and various anecdotes from the world of film. In a similar dinner there were: actors Marek Konrad, Boguslaw Linda and Martin Dorociński.


The culmination of the evening was dessert cake in the form of Croatian Presnac that was especially baked for us by hostess Ada. It was a real dessert masterpiece. Its secret lies in the young Croatian cheese sheep-cow Magriž, Croatian-French pastry and pinch the heart, which adds Ms. Ana. How typical glutton I ate the last piece, but I could not resist. Basically, I do not like sweets, but there are some cakes that stole my heart. Cake Mrs. Ana definitely fit in.


It was a veritable feast and the octopus tasted heavenly. I still feel the taste just thinking about it. In the family atmosphere we ate a salad with tomatoes and drank homemade wine. All products were home-grown. With full bellies and a smile from ear to ear we rolled out literally from the table. Besides delicious octopus you can also rent one of the few charming rooms and spend a few days in blissful silence. The house also serves as a small guesthouse. At one time it was the meeting place for the bohemian film. If anyone would like more details, I will be happy to tell how to find this extraordinary place.


But before we left, the girls visited the studio of artistic Mrs. Ana, and every gifted a handmade bracelet with small shiny beads. The silence was broken only by the cicadas that starting concerts in St. Day. Peter. it’s season, when storms with very strong rain and wind impacts created whirlwinds called by Croatians pijavice. Ahead of us the next day and archipelago of Kornati with National Park about which you will read soon.


How you liked our next days in Croatia? Was the information useful? Let us know in the comments. Our next goal was archipelago of Kornati National Park. If you want to know how it was and what to see, read us. On the blog you will find full reportage of the week’s trip to Croatia in the form of a number of posts divided by days of cruise. Here is our reportage from the first day and visiting Zadar. Do you have more questions? Write them in the comments.

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