Venice is beautiful city and has a lot to offer, but the world does not end there. Being in Venice, you should also visit other islands located on the Venetian Lagoon. They are small but very picturesque. On the island of Burano we will be enthralled by the multitude of colors and we will feel for a moment as in Mexico. In Murano we will appreciate the beauty of glass and craftsmanship. In Lido di Venezia, after an eventful day, you can relax on the beach, admiring the sunset. I invite you to travel on the Venetian islands.

n July last year, on the occasion of the Redentore Festival, I decided to visit Venice again in order to fall in love for the first time (what you can read here). For my first time I didn’t like it so much. This time Venice stole my heart, but not only it. I am glad that beyond Venice alone I found time to see the other islands of the Venetian Lagoon. I would like to introduce them to you and encourage to visit while staying in Venice.

The third day I decided to go by water bus vaporetto to Murano and Burano. For that reason, I bought a day ticket (24h) for 20 €. Single fare is 7.5 € while to get to Burano you have to previously take the boat to Murano and then change for Burano. So you know what is more profitable.

Murano is famous mainly from the production of Venetian glass (over 700 years). Free of charge, among others, see the museum of glassmaking Museo Vetrario at the glassworks. It is the only museum in Italy and one of the few in the world.

The glass making on Murano was perfected over the centuries and was a strictly guarded secret. The beginnings of glassworks on Murano go back to 1291, when the authorities of the Republic of Venezuela because of fire fear moved here all glassmaking workshops. Venetian glass products are made using a burner technique for melting silica and then giving the right shape in the cooling process. But that’s not the end. The resulting glass is then cut and re-heat treated for more interesting effects. This is a very complex and laborious process. No wonder Venetian glass is world famous.

This does not mean, however, that all Murano glass products are original. Among the handicraft shops are also fake shops. So be careful when shopping. Original Murano factory products should be signed and have a certificate of originality. Unfortunately glass products are not cheap. However it’s hard to not buy just one thing at a time. I decided on earrings – one pair for me and the other for Mom.

Besides ironworks you can see the church Chiesa di San Pietro Martire with many valuable works of art and nineteenth-century clock tower, and glass sculpture in the main square of Campo San Stefano. In addition, it is worth a walk down the streets and dine.

 Personally, I recommend the restaurant Ristorante Pizzeria Marlin with a delicious paste with seafood, pizza and tiramisu It is located by the canal next to the Campo San Stefano (Fondamenta Vetrai, 53), between Faro and stop Colonna.

For those who are from Warsaw with a little curiosity. Muranów district took its name from the island of Murano feuds.

Flowing on the island of Murano passes – Isola di San Michele, which since 1807. Serves as a cemetery. The bodies were transported to her on special funeral gondolas.

Burano will delight you with colorful architecture with distinctive colored houses. At first glance, a bit like a Mexican city of Guanajuato.

Besides, you’ll see the city full of shops with lace products. Apparently the tradition of lace manual kneading method dates back to the fifteenth century. Currently, the majority of products are imported, but you can also find these manufactured on the island. Noteworthy are also the churches of San Martino and Santa Barbara.

What attracts attention, however, is the bright colors of the houses, which reflect in the water give the city fairy-tale atmosphere. I recommend walking along the canal and back. It is also worth to look into the small courtyards of some homes.

You are probably wondering how it is that houses are so colorful painted . None of the houses can be painted without the permission of local authorities. The owner of the home must obtain a special permit with the approval of the selected color.

It’s 5 pm. It’s time to back home. In the evening, I decided with my friend Karolina that as part of our ticket to make a one-hour cruise along the Grand Canal from St. Mark’s Square to the station St. Lucia. On the way we passed the magnificent Venetian palaces. The sun seems to be the most beautiful in Venice, not counting for romantic walks in the moonlight after dark because due to the airport the whole of Venice is hidden in the shadows.

After the party-evening in the palace Palazzo Piano Nobile della Loggia it must have been a time to relax. In the evening an event awaited us on the boats and we celebrate together with the Venetians Redentore. Sunbathing on the island of Lido seemed to be the ideal solution, especially since our ticket on the water tram was still valid.

Lido is known primarily from the Venice Film Festival and the beach. There is a 700 meter long Gran Viale Santa Maria Elisabetta street to the beach. On the way we pass numerous restaurants, designer shops and hotels (including the prestigious Grande Albergo Ausonia & Hungaria). The entrance to the free public beach is exactly at its end so you will not get lost.

It is difficult to discern where other attractions are. There you can reach for a large sporting success, because in the triathlon, which we had the opportunity to watch, there were only 15 competitors though. On the beach directly is relatively inexpensive for the Lido restaurant Blue Lagoon (P. Le Buccintoro 1): 9 € pizza, juice 3 €, latte 3 €

On the island there are a few objects that can be visited e.g. church Chiesa di Santa Maria Elisabetta. Personally, I think that time on the island is better to use to relax at the seaside and feel like a movie star.

I hope my text encourage you to go beyond Venice and explore other islands of the Venetian Lagoon. Please let us know in the comments. Maybe some of you already have been and would like to share the impressions? You are welcome for comments. If you are looking for more information about Venice itself, then definitely look here.

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