You remember the scenes from horror movies when an attacked woman stops dead instead of screaming for help. Most of you laughed in the case of movie Scream. We react exactly the same way when somebody runs up the stairs instead of down to the door while wanting to escape. Meanwhile it’s not funny at all because at times of great stress  and fear our brain can react at odds with our logic. How to help yorself?

Attack: the scream can save us?

I learned it myself when I got attacked at one of the streets in the centre of Warsaw. Although I wanted to scream, I wasn’t able to. I felt as if I had lost my voice. I still wonder what paralysed me more- simple fear or perhaps a shame because it’s not natural to suddenly start screaming “help”. I wish I had my personal alarm Ila Dusk then.

16. alarm osobisy ila dusk

Can small pendant save our life?

It’s a small device looking like an ordinary pendant. It emits a female scream of a few decibels for a few minutes. When in an emergency situation, it’s enough to pull a safety pin and the device triggers itself instantly. It may turn out to be useful not only for women.

When we lose our way at a trip, it gets easier to trace us. It can be used in almost every emergency situation. Not only may this device be used as a personal alarm but also as a signal when something happens to us, e.g. when we fall down while skiing or when we get a cramp in water. We can buy it directly from a producer’s website or at an online store, e.g. at  amazon. The cost is about 98 $. You think it’s a lot? And what do you think of carrying this device at your purse instead of a pendant? Perhaps you’ve heard of other interesting solutions? Share them in the comments.

16. alarm osobisy ila dusk 2

And what do you think about wearing this device with a purse instead pendant? You might have heard yet about other good solutions? Please share them with others in comments.And what about Facebook? Can it save you to? Read here about my adventure in London.


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