Christmas and New Year’s Eve are coming. This is the time when the airports experience crowds because most of us want to spend Christmas Eve with our loved ones or make ourselves a small vacation outside the home. At this time, we particularly care about the punctuality and reliability of airlines. Meanwhile, more and more aircraft delays have been observed, and even cancellations such as the strike of Ryanair pilots or paralysis at the UK’s airports associated with weather changes. What to do then? How can I get flight compensation? Read on.

Certain situations can not be predicted, and we have no influence on many others. How we feel is to a large extent dependent on the approach of the airlines. Unfortunately, there are more and more attempts to escape liability in case of delayed or canceled flights. Listening to the stories of different friends, I have the impression that some airlines have even specialized in this field. They deliberately do not inform their passengers about their rights and mislead. They are holding passengers on the plane. They change the hours of flights on the displays. They offer vouchers for other flights, but only for use with a given carrier, etc. These are just a few examples of how some lines are trying to cheat us.

Why do airlines do so much trouble? Of course, to avoid financial consequences resulting from European Union law. You can demand, among others, reimbursement of ticket, free meals, drinks and phone calls. You can also apply for compensation for a flight delay of more than 3 hours or its cancellation. The amount depends on the length of the route. For flights within the EU and routes up to 1.5 thousand. km is 250 euros. On longer routes – 400 euros. If one of the airports is located outside of the community, it will be 250 euros (up to 1.5 thousand km), 400 euros (up to 3.5 thousand km) and 600 euros for routes over 3.5 thousand. km.

Remember also that according to the law, if an airline in the European Union cancels a flight up to two weeks before departure, it does not have to pay compensation. Must offer an alternative flight (the second flight option to the destination). Even if the alternative flight is from another airport. It must also cover the cost of transfer to another airport and the cost of the new ticket.

Lines may, however, be refused if the delay or cancellation was caused by extraordinary circumstances that could not have been avoided, for example by a strike or weather conditions.

No wonder that more and more companies are helping defraud customers to defend their rights. One of them is Air Cash Back. On the blog you will find their banner. After clicking you will be redirected to the application form, where in a few steps you can submit your claim without even having any documents at this time. Then, to enable Air Cash Back to start the compensation claim, send a signed scanned copy of the power of attorney to them (it is ready to be downloaded and printed immediately after filling in the form).

Then you should receive an email from them confirming the receipt of the claim. Then the company made an analysis and will inform you about the possibilities of compensation. If it is obtained, they will contact you again to inform you about the amount of compensation received. During the entire process, you can count on professional settlement of all formalities related to applying for them. In return, the company charges a 25% commission (including VAT), but only in the event of obtaining compensation. Otherwise, you incur zero costs. I think that this is not much if you assume that your money will be refunded directly to your account without queues and unnecessary bureaucracy.

Two of my friends used this option once and in both cases received a refund within a few weeks, which not only covered the cost of the ticket, but it was still enough for the next trip.

Regardless of whether you get only 250 or 600 euros, I think it is always worth a try, because every additional penny counts. Especially if it requires so little effort. Just click here.

If you have doubts or would like to learn more about this topic, let me know in the comments. We’ll be happy to help.


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