Venice usually is associated with the carnival, which began in mid-February and will last until the end of this month. Its origins date back to the Middle Ages, but his celebration was resumed only in 1980. A year earlier, the Republic of Venice under the Treaty of Formio was abolished.

As every year, the oldest and the most fun street in Europe involved thousands of people around the world. Loud parties and masked balls last until dawn. At that time also held a number of theater performances, concerts and sports competitions.

Carnival ends with burning a huge effigy in the mask. After a few days of madness  you need a moment of silence and relaxation. It is time to go beyond the lagoon. Stay in Venice, which I has already described here can be combined with relax in away 90 km Bibione. We can get there here in an hour via highway or about 1.5 hours by train from Santa Lucia Station.

Our must-stay in Bibione should start with the center of thermal water spa and an 8 km long sandy beach. It is the only center SPA in Italy, which is situated directly on the beach.

In the afternoon I strongly recommend you romantic walks in the pine forests in the natural parks Bibione Pineda and de Val Grande (near the center). This area of ​​the lagoon between the mouths of the rivers Livenza and Tagliamento is one of the most valuable natural heritage in Veneto. You can see rare species of fish and birds and also beautiful panorama of the Alps. There is also possibility to take the tour boat. Only here we might see the rising up flock of pink flamingos. You can also taste fresh arugula, which grows here naturally.

Laguna Bibione is a tangle of canals, islands, reeds and shallows. You can see here as well the remains of the fishing village in the form of original cottages, which can be visited. They have walls and a roof of reeds, and the doors and windows of wood, raw materials then available.

Among the vegetation are hidden remains of a Roman villa Motteron dei Frati with well-preserved mosaics. Sand dunes in the surrounding area reach up to 11 meters high above sea level making it the highest place on the north Adriatic coast. If we follow towards the top in the middle of an oak forest, we see the fossil anthill high at over two meters, which is a natural thermometer showing excellent environmental conditions.

I do not know about you, but I’m beyond usual sunbathing like to spend time actively. If you to I recommend you renting a bike at least for one day. Bibione due to its location is a good place for cycling. 9 – kilometer walking path and bicycle runs along the coast connect the eastern part with the west. Other routes will allow us to enjoy the womb of nature. The city promotes this means of transport by offering motorists a shuttle service that connects the village to nearby railway stations and airports.

Alternatively, please enjoy water sports or just swim in the blue Adriatic, because it’s a sin to be by the sea and not benefit.

Bibione is also a great base for visiting other Italian cities. I wrote more about it here.

In case you prefer hotel accommodation, one of popular places with good references from Polish tourists is Hotel Olimpia. You get your room close both to the beach and Thermae center.

How do you like my idea for a short relax after a sumptuous fun in Venice? Would you like to learn more about Veneto region? Let me know in the comments.

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