Just to remind you in the period of 2006 – 2007 I was at Erasmus exchange in Granada in Spain. It so happened that on 18 November I was coming to Poland for 8 days. The first reason was the work at the Fairs and the second one was the extraction of my wisdom tooth which I personally don’t recommend. On my way back it meant my another encounter with Etiuda terminal in Warsaw. This place was really specific.

10. Alhambra Granada

I feel bad about making that self-promotion but I had to give went to my embarrassment. Due to the whole fuss I didn’t take a single PLN coin from home. On the other hand, it was quite logical as I was going to Spain. It’s commonly known that you can buy a drink in an airport shop after you undergo a custom control. For me, at least until that day, it meant that you can pay either in złotych or in euro. Having waited in a queue for 15 minutes to buy water I was told that I couldn’t pay in euro or by card because the amount was too low. I suggested to a cashier that I could give her euro and she would exchange it in an exchange point later on.  But she only said that she didn’t set rules and that she was sorry.

20. etiuda kolejka

I don’t know about you but for me it was an example of sheer stupidity and naïve service. Luckily for me I found a person ready to exchange złoty into euro. Obviously I didn’t come back to the shop. I used a drink machine which our “super modern airport” was equipped with in a number of one piece only. I have to praise the airport service however. My excess luggage and a bag full of food received no comment. Such a big credit for understanding poor students!

And did you experience similar situations? Perhaps I carried it too far with my complains? Share your opinions in the comments.

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