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I do not know about you, but I still can not believe that we have the New Year. The year 2017 was special for us. Exactly in December, a year passed since my move to London, which I discover every day. This year was full of not only new experiences and trials, but also many happy moments. Again, we could discover the joy of traveling together and look at the world from a completely different perspective – two mature women who are aware of their choices and know that in life only moments are important. This is the year that once again confirmed that the value has only what is immaterial, what is human and sincere. The world is not standing still. People are not perfect. The family, however, should always be in the first place. Let’s try to live in peace with each other. Let us love people, but let people also love you. The most beautiful parts of the travelling are the people you meet on the route, not the views themselves. It’s something that probably everyone knows from their own experience.

This year was also a breakthrough in terms of travel. There was virtually no month in which I would not fly somewhere. And 2018 promises to be even more intense because it started with skiing in France, where I achieved my lifetime record skiing from over 3200 m above sea level. Of all the ten countries we visited this year, my greatest discovery were Philippines and Cyprus. It is also a year full of sentimental journeys, meetings after years and deep into your soul. The trip to Barcelona after 20 years was a special one.

It’s also a year that showed us that setting up a blog was the right decision. Almost two thousand fans on FB, one thousand followers on instagram, 104 entries, 14 thousand views and an average of 100 visits per day, a dozen commercial projects and first appearances in the media are not yet gigantic numbers. Everything is ahead of us. For us the most important thing is the growing number of regular readers, numerous kind messages and the interest of many companies in cooperation. We are convinced that 2018 will be even more interesting. Be with us!

We have been wondering for a long time what 5 moments could best summarize 2017. The choice was not easy because there were many of them. In the end, we chose the following. I hope you will stay with us. Remember that our blog is primarily for you. Do not be ashamed to write or comment on the blog because it is really important to us.


So far, I have not paid too much attention to Easter as opposed to Christmas Eve. It has happened that I spent Christmas outside my home. Usually, however, we tried to spend this time together at home. We changed this tradition for the first time a year ago and went to Ciechocinek for Easter. This year, we decided to do it again and focus primarily on time spent together, not on cleaning and cooking as usual. I recommend this option to everyone.

We’ve been wondering where to go for a long time. Especially that the decision was made at the last minute. In the end, we decided to go to the Świętokrzyskie Mountains and it was a hit. The hotel was located next to the National Park, and from the balcony we had a beautiful mountain panorama.

Also the food and Easter breakfast was delicious. You do not even know how wonderful it is to not have to worry about what we will eat tomorrow, or who will wash, etc. We could use the whole stay for walks, relaxation and talk about life. For a moment I felt like a little girl again. As a child, I thought that walking with parents in the forest and mountains is boring. I appreciate it now. Do you think I’m getting old? This trip was also special due to making the Łysica peak. Seems like a trivial thing, but for Mom, who is after numerous operations, it was the first of its kind, physical activity after many years. You will find more about this stay in another text.


Since childhood, I have been brought up with the feeling that nature needs to be respected and to take care of nature through everyday behavior. Also as a traveler, we try to be responsible for the environment and local communities. This year, as an additional goal, I set a limit on purchases – keep calm & no shopping, which in practice came out very well. From the so-called non food items I bought only two pairs of shoes, one dress, one handbag, mirror, a set of bedding, a sports camera, waterproof covers, powerbank and four pairs of pantyhose. Not bad? The assumption was very simple – I can only buy what is necessary for my life / work or in case something breaks down. Think about the savings I made. Do you think it’s a good resolution?

We were even more happy with the opportunity to cooperate with Yves Rocher, whose cosmetics we know and appreciate, among others due to natural ingredients and ecological production. A joint campaign promoting responsible tourism and taking care of the natural environment, and at the same time the opportunity to get to know the company better was a great experience for us. We wish you more cooperation that, besides a normal commercial message, educates and contributes to creating better behaviors. Here you can read more about this project.


Each of us has a place in the world where we want to keep coming back and where we feel at home. For me, a city like this is Barcelona, ​​which I love since childhood. Exactly 20 years ago, I visited it with my mother for the first time. At that time, the flights were still very expensive and there were few trips to Spain. So we got to it by bus. It is hard to believe that we spent over 35 hours on the trip, but it was worth it.

We fell in love with this city and Spanish culture from the first day. Unfortunately, due to numerous illnesses and family problems, Mama could not come back too soon, unlike me. Barcelona is the only city in which I was ten times and I still don’t have enough.

Last year’s trip was special. We met in Barcelona together with my Mum. You do not even know what a great feeling it is to stand together again under the grip of the Arc de Triomphe and take a photo of yourself after 20 years. For such moments it is worth living. Soon we will publish our memories of this trip, so read us regularly.


I have always told myself that life is an eternal journey and a combination of moments. When I first found out that instead of 8 days of vacation I could only take 5, I felt sorry. I dreamed of two weeks somewhere in Asia with my friend. In addition, I was angry because she took a longer vacation because of me. So it started a great combination, where to fly and how to reconcile with me limiting dates and differences in costs, different needs, etc.

We could not decide until the last minute when we suddenly found flights to the Philippines. At first I thought it was crazy to go 17h and then come back 22h to spend only 8 days on the spot. Ultimately, I decided and I do not regret a bit, It was one of my best trips, and certainly the most adventurous.

The opportunity to spend 20 minutes in the water with whale sharks was one of my most beautiful experiences. Of course, I’m skipping the entire commercial shell, with which I do not feel good. The possibility of looking into the eyes of this gigantic and beautiful mammals is something indescribable. Man takes on such respect and begins to understand how little he means in nature.

However, jumps from waterfalls and a few hours of canyoneering provided me with a lot of adrenaline and allowed me to get to know nature in completely different circumstances than before. Similarly to the ride on zipline in Loboc from a height of 2.5 km in the abyss, it was an attempt to break the fear and the priceless moment of feeling like a bird. I had even more such magical moments at Philippines, but I do not want to reveal all the details before the text on this subject is created. I will only tell you that there is no better place in the world to relax and meet so many valuable and with big hearts people.


Time flies quickly. I did not even look back, it was December. This year, again like a year ago, we decided to spend Christmas Eve in London. This time, however, there was more time to prepare, make purchases and, above all, organize free time. This year it was beautiful and so a bit different.

We ate a traditional Polish dinner at a beautifully covered table, and in the evening we went to a concert of Christmas carols at the Royal Albert Hall. It was funny to sing standing together with the other couple of thousands of people. It was something unusual for us but something special at the same time. The day before, we visited the Lantern Festival at Chiswick Garden. We also did not limit ourselves to mass in the Polish church, but we also went to the Westminster Cathedral, where there were several choirs. In this way, we managed to combine Polish and English traditions making this Christmas special for us. On the other days, we had time for joint walks and trips to Oxford and Cambridge to see which university city is prettier. Do you want to know our opinion? Wait for the next text.

Time is moving fast and today we have the second half of January. For me, it’s time to write down the New Year’s resolutions. Some will be linked to the blog, and 2018 promises to be interesting in terms of travel from the very beginning so keep track of us on a regular basis.

See you later!

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